A House Made of Bricks

Every now and again, I get paranoid and decide to get my crap together.

The theft we had the other day drove it home again and lit a fire under my butt.  Here are the things that we are currently working on in terms of preparedness:

  • Building our Pantry – you never know when a freak storm will happen and will force you to stay at your house for a week.  We had this happen last year just before Griffin was born.  I was thankful for a full freezer.  Now I want a full freezer AND a full pantry.
  • Building my Household Notebook – I’ve been having a little tummy trouble again.  Not like last year – thank goodness – but troubling nevertheless.  This has once again brought the idea of the household notebook to the forefront of my planning.  I started it but need to finish it.
  • Getting our finances in order – this goes along with the household notebook.  We have a rough monthly budget but we need to get more determined to stick to it.  We just joined Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and we intend to get it right this time.
  • Emergency Preparedness – Ever since 9/11, I’ve been pretty obsessed with this.  Never obsessed enough to actually do the steps we’ve needed to do.  But I want to change that and actually build our plan.  Some of this will also be part of the family notebook.
What are you working on?


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