Blog Direction

I wonder about what direction to take this blog.

I wonder what kind of impact it could have. But I am so eccentric in what I want to write that I often wonder if I should write at all.

Things I want to write about:

  • Home making
  • Home school
  • Raising kids
  • Raising my kids in particular
  • Marriage
  • Being an only child with both parents deceased
  • Politics
  • Culture
  • Disney stuff
  • Writing the novel(s) brewing in my head

Hmmm that's an interesting list. I feel like the sahm/home-maker niche is so saturated that I really don't know what I can add. Politics will probably piss off most of my readers. I will be writing about Disney very soon on a different blog. Writing about writing just sounds boring.

I also find myself wanting to share personal things here.  Yes, I know I’ve talked about my poop and that seems pretty personal but what I’m talking about it is even more personal.  The thing is that I’m sure that someone out there could really benefit from what I’m going through.

Some of these things, I’ve written elsewhere privately but it feels lonely to write to myself.  But, it’s not like I get tons of comments or hits every month.  I feel fairly desperate to connect with others about the demons in my soul.  But some of the people that would read this might not be too happy with what I write and might say that these things are better unsaid.

Have you ever had something that you have to get out of your brain?  Did you have the courage to discuss it in the open or did you share it privately?


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