And after I stopped praying for death, I got a pony.

Couple of weeks ago, I went to a Mom's club biz meeting. They only happen once a month and I've missed the last couple. We've got a rule in the club that if you or your child are sick, then you don't attend club events. For the last two months, Phoebe has become ill a day or so before the meeting, so we've missed them.

This month! HA! She's fine. She was great. At 10AM, we went to the meeting and learned a lot, talked to other moms, decided a few things to do in the club, etc. On the way home, however, my throat was suspiciously scratchy. By 2PM, I was really sick. Sick enough that I wondered if I could go get Moo from the train station.

We did get to the train station and home and by the time we got home, I went straight to bed. Moo worked from home the next day and helped take care of my little dumpling daughter and I slept.

I never ran a fever. Just sneezed and hacked and coughed. The phelgm threatened to take over my body. This went on for a week. Moo said, why don't you go to the doctor.

No, I wouldn't go to the doctor cause I figured it was a cold. No green or yellow phelgm. Just clear and running. There's no reason to go for that. If it lasted beyond 10 days, I'd go. Then I'd need to go.

And then, miraculously, on day 9, I felt like cleaning the kitchen. Just like that.

And that is the story of a cold.

The Plan

I'm trying to make our meals a little more interesting. I've added a fair number of new recipes to our repertoire in the last few months so we do have some different stuff... cooking at home saves money, is more nutritious - all that good stuff.

I'm also making sure we eat more balanced meals, like you know, with vegetables and stuff.

So in an effort to hold myself more accountable, I'm sharing this week's menu:

Saturday: I bought a roasted turkey breast from the Honeybaked store and we had mixed veggies and yams.

Sunday: Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup and homemade cornbread

Monday: rerun the soup and make fresh cornbread (would have re-run the cornbread too but it's been a while since I made it and my cast iron pan wasn't seasoned well enough and the cornbread tore up really bad)

Tuesday: Frozen pizza and salad.

Wednesday: Taco Mac and salad

Thursday: chicken enchiladas I made last week and froze.

Friday: 2nd half of the taco mac and salad

So this week is a mix of fresh, homemade frozen and store bought.

I'll share recipes with you as we go although I can't always promise pictures. I have great intentions but tend to forget to take the photos as I go so you get a pic of all the ingredients, but nothing else.