Grand Ideas

I am working on some crazy ideas right now. For one, I am getting my work at home business started (look for more about this in the next few days) and I am in the midst of preparing for a giant Disney World trip. I also have a ninth month old (!) intent on killing herself.
I say that because no matter how often I vacuum the floor, she manages to find the one thing she shouldn't and promptly puts it in her mouth. I then have sweep her mouth with my finger whereupon she sinks her tiny needle like teeth into my flesh. Those six teeth are sharp!

Hey! It's a blog post!

Yeah yeah I know. It's been a couple - well a few - days. Moo and I took little girl to grandma's house weekend before last and when we got home, little girl had the sniffles. I think she picked up something at play group the Friday before.

Anyways, she was sick. Feverish, snotty, sneezing and the most pitiful coughing I've ever heard. Took her to the doc to confirm a cold and that's it. By Wednesday, Moo wasn't feeling too good. I was congested myself but fought through it to finally succumb to it myself this week. My voice is gone but I'm feeling ok now.

During all the snottiness, I found that little girl had cut another tooth for a total of 5 teeth.