Off of bedrest and ready to SHOP!!

Visted House O'Babies late yesterday afternoon and I'm officially off bedrest!

The contractions have calmed down and they took me off the Procardia - thank goodness!! That stuff had me jacked up.

So I'm back at work and everyone wants the story. What did I eat? (My guess is the leftover Chinese food I had for lunch Wednesday) Was it something at my baby shower? (No, my shower was on Saturday. I started getting sick on Wednesday) Do I feel ok? (Yes, i feel fine) Did I eat tomatoes? (No, I don't like tomatoes unless I can't see them in food.)

During my time on bedrest, I surfed a lot, slept a lot and worried a lot. I know, worrying doesn't help anything, but you can't help it when you hear the words "Pre-term labor" coming out of your midwife's mouth.

I've since had a very stern "discussion" with Spider Monkey demanding that she stay put for at least another 5 weeks. 5 weeks until she's considered full term. 5 weeks to get my crap together and get her room put in place.

We still don't have her crib, although Moo and I did make a decision. If you'll remember, Moo and I had a lovely crib and changer picked out that were subsequently recalled by the manufacturer. We went back and decided on this one. And this morning, I ordered this changer/dresser combo.

I'm to the point that I don't care - which Moo hates to hear me say. I do care though. I care that we get a safe crib. I care that it looks good in the room. I'm just to the point that any crib will do as long as it fits these criteria and we get it in the room and put together. I'm more interested in getting everything together than if it's the most stylish thing I've seen.

For one thing, from what I hear, spending tons of money on a crib hoping that it will live a long life is almost folly. Kids chew them. They get beaten up. Kids run their toys into the legs. If you think the crib/toddler bed/daybed/full size bed will make it to be a cherished heirloom, you probably live in Utopia and take far better care of your furniture than the rest of us. So for this reason, I haven't wanted to spend a small fortune setting up the nursery.

So we're frantically trying to pull everything together. I've created a master list of wants and needs and the items are prioritized based on whether the item is a necessity or a luxury. Where have all my good intentions of being totally prepared gone?


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