Phoebe Squeals Video and Update

Phoebe and I both have some sort of bug.

I took her to the doc yesterday. Advised saline drops and suction for her stuffy nose and soy formula for her diarrhea. Yep, she's got an upset tummy.

The doc said that babies with stuffy noses sometimes have a gastro issue with this kind of thing so nothing to worry about.

I meanwhile am going to finally go to the doc on Thursday. This crap has been going on for a week for me so I need to stop it.

Additionally, Phoebe has learned a new trick. A high pitched squeal that would wake the dead! Enjoy!!


That is the number of items in my Google reader right now.

I will never catch up as long as my brain seems to want to ooze out of the orifices of my head.

Aren't sinus infections fun?

Sick Eyes

Haven't been writing a lot since NaBloPoMo ended (YAY! I WON!!!) cause I wanted A) take a break and B) I've been fighting a sinus infection/virus/plague since the weekend.

This is a picture of me. With my sick eyes and slack jaw.
Whereas this is a picture of the cutest little cutie patootie evah!

Discuss amongst yourselves.