I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a very common hormonal disorder that has the following symptoms (from WebMD):

  • Few or no menstrual periods or
  • Heavy, irregular vaginal bleeding.
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Male-type hair growth (hirsutism) on the face and body
  • Acne and oily skin, caused by high androgen levels.
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Obesity

If you watch I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, then women with PCOS are also obviously idiots.

We have a DVR and I tape a lot of stuff. Most of it, I end up deleting without watching. Just not enough time. But sometimes I’ll have a few minutes and will fill it with something mindless. This show, generally is pretty mindless but it always PISSES ME OFF!

When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I asked my doctor what it meant. She went through the symptoms and talked about what could be done. I asked about the affect on fertility and she told me that it meant that it might be difficult but not impossible for me to conceive.


I was put on the birth control pill because I didn’t want a child at the time and it would help some of the symptoms. I was also told that there was some chance that the hormones would level my hormones out enough that there was a possibility getting pregnant during the 7 days I was off the pill each month. So, I was advised to use a back-up birth control during those 7 days. I was also told that antibiotics could disrupt the pill and that I should also have a back-up for those times as well.

I was also advised that if I missed a period, I should assume I’m pregnant and test. If I missed two periods, I should call the doctor’s office.

I have no idea how many pregnancy tests and condoms I bought over the next 6 years. I had a good bit of trouble with sinus infections during this time too and every time I’d pick up a prescription for antibiotics, I’d buy a box of condoms too.

In 6 years, I was late numerous times. My period would be late and I’d test and it would be negative. Then a few days later, I’d start. I never missed more than one period. If I was really late, I’d test multiple times and I’d decide the date that I’d call the doctor. That usually meant I’d start the next day. Irony is a bitch. LOL!

On one occasion, I was 42 days late. I wound up at the emergency room on day 24 because of excruciating pain and found out I had a cyst on my ovary. I had written down a date just a week out on my calendar when this happened, so I was already planning to get my doctor involved.

So I’m telling you what my story of PCOS and doctor’s care is.. what the hell kind of care have these women had? One woman was told it was IMPOSSIBLE for her to get pregnant and goes on about her business until she delivers a baby in a toilet. If a doctor told me ANYTHING was IMPOSSIBLE, I’d be getting a second opinion.

Is that the difference between me and some of these folks? Or have I made the decision to take charge of my care? I think it’s the latter.

Do we think that because a doctor says something that that automatically makes it so!?!? When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a doctor tell me I would probably die on the operating table. Did I just give up and make out my will? HELL NO!! I got mad and made it my mission to be as healthy as possible.

Hate your doctor? Fine. Find another one. But find a medical provider who looks at you as a person and not as a machine or in the case of some of these women – defective machines.


Find out how your ladybits work!! Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. Even if you aren’t interested in starting a family, this can help you really understand your cycle at ALL POINTS IN YOUR LIFE!! I read it while I was trying to get pregnant and after my daughter was born to understand when my period might come back.

Ms. Weschler also has a great book for teens called Cycle Savvy. I’m already planning to buy a copy for my kid when she’s 8 or 9.

I think the thing I hate about this show is that the women are all treated like some kind of victim. At some point, they are all shown hysterical at some point, which just makes me sad. Sad that they are so disconnected from their bodies that they couldn’t tell or ignored that something was "off” or so ignorant of their health that they took as a sure thing what was told to them by a medical professional.

Walking Ball of Misery

Pregnancy Countdown: 7 weeks, 1 day

I had forgotten how miserable morning sickness was.

I get up and feel pretty ok.  Then after about 30 minutes, I am in the pit of hell.  Nothing I eat helps.  Nothing I drink stops it.  I just get more and more nauseous until I puke up whatever I’m eating to make it better.

I’ve got a prescription for some Phenerg*n and that’s helping – even though it makes me loopy and sleepy and dizzy.

With SM, I found the key was eating a frozen waffle within about 20 minutes of getting up.  Tried that this time and it didn’t even touch it.

Interestingly, popcorn is absolutely DELICIOUS right now.  And I am craving MEATBALLS – and not just any meatballs but the meatballs and sauce of a little restaurant that used to be open in the little town I live in.  Yes, I said, USED TO BE OPEN.  I am craving their noodles and sauce and meatballs like crazy.

A couple of days ago, I told Moo that I wanted fajitas and he took me to our local hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant.  Those were the absolutely BEST FAJITAS EVER!!!

The thing is, I AM STARVING.  From the time I get up until about 4 or 5 PM everything I eat either comes back or threatens to.  Then, I am hungry.  Ravenously hungry.  The nausea is still there but it’s more subdued and I can subdue it with food.

I keep telling Moo that I just have to figure out what the puzzle this time.. I just have to keep trying things that keeps the sickness under control and then I will fill the HOUSE WITH IT!!

The Way Things Go Sometimes

Remember last summer when I talked about us deciding to let nature take it’s course reproduction wise?

Well, we did.  Whether to have another child or not has often come up in conversation and we’ve mostly been on the path of whatever happens, happens.

Well Mother Nature is an interesting mistress and she and God got together and decided we weren’t done…


positivesm WOO HOO!

I’m due March 10, 2011.

No drugs.  No crazy charts.  Just wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. 


010 My daughter turned two on Friday. 

Over the last few weeks we’ve been having a bit of fun round these parts.  Firstly, I took my darling girl to a speech therapist to have a speech evaluation. 

By the time they are two, children should know between 25 and 50 words and should be beginning two word sentences.  SM knows about 20 and uses about 10 consistently.

We had her hearing evaluated first and she passed with flying colors.

So the next week, we got her speech evaluated.

Her receptive language – or the language she understands and responds to, follows directions and commands, etc – is on the level of a 20 month old or within “average” guidelines.

Her expressive language – or the speech she can say – is on the level of a 13 month old – well UNDER “average” guidelines.

She is a “late talker” rather than being diagnosed as “speech delayed” and so far, insurance will pay for the evaluation but not the weekly recommended therapy priced at $330 an hour.

And while she’s a late talker, that doesn’t mean she’s quiet.  Anything but.  She “talks” constantly.  Some words you will probably understand and some you definitely won’t.

We go for her 2 year wellness trip on Monday and I am eager to see how tall she is now.  Last time, she was 35 inches tall and I know she’s taller than 3 feet now.

She is altogether delightful.  She is a ball of energy and wants to RUN RUN RUN all the time.  Keeping up with her sometimes is absolutely exhausting.  But she is wonderful. 

She’s started her own version of dancing in the last few days.  It involves wiggling her backside and jumping up and down.

She runs and runs and then comes over to me and wants a hug.  She wraps her little arms around my neck and pats my back when she hugs.  Then it’s down for more running.


I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago.  I would have written before now, but there’s been so much going on.  Truthfully, I should do a better job. But I digress…

When I was 20, I thought about what life would be like when I was 40 and I have to say that as I look around me, it’s nothing like what I imagined. But I am happy.  I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter.  We have a cute little house with a new roof and we’re mostly debt free.

There are things I’d like to change and some things I will change myself.  Other things will change on their own and I believe the rest will stay pretty much the same.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just reality. 

At 40, I am more convinced than ever that things can and will get better.  I am still convinced that people are good at heart.  But I always watch my back.  I call it pragmatic optimism.

There’s always more to do; more places to go; more people to meet.  I find myself busier these days.  I’ve got a couple of irons in the fire right now that will affect the future that will make me busier still.  I’ll be telling you more about that as they come to fruition…

So to sum up: happy, busy, loved and loving.  Yep, that’s me at 40.