010 My daughter turned two on Friday. 

Over the last few weeks we’ve been having a bit of fun round these parts.  Firstly, I took my darling girl to a speech therapist to have a speech evaluation. 

By the time they are two, children should know between 25 and 50 words and should be beginning two word sentences.  SM knows about 20 and uses about 10 consistently.

We had her hearing evaluated first and she passed with flying colors.

So the next week, we got her speech evaluated.

Her receptive language – or the language she understands and responds to, follows directions and commands, etc – is on the level of a 20 month old or within “average” guidelines.

Her expressive language – or the speech she can say – is on the level of a 13 month old – well UNDER “average” guidelines.

She is a “late talker” rather than being diagnosed as “speech delayed” and so far, insurance will pay for the evaluation but not the weekly recommended therapy priced at $330 an hour.

And while she’s a late talker, that doesn’t mean she’s quiet.  Anything but.  She “talks” constantly.  Some words you will probably understand and some you definitely won’t.

We go for her 2 year wellness trip on Monday and I am eager to see how tall she is now.  Last time, she was 35 inches tall and I know she’s taller than 3 feet now.

She is altogether delightful.  She is a ball of energy and wants to RUN RUN RUN all the time.  Keeping up with her sometimes is absolutely exhausting.  But she is wonderful. 

She’s started her own version of dancing in the last few days.  It involves wiggling her backside and jumping up and down.

She runs and runs and then comes over to me and wants a hug.  She wraps her little arms around my neck and pats my back when she hugs.  Then it’s down for more running.


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