I am Weird

I went back to House o babies yesterday for a quick check. I've been experiencing some severe side pain over the last couple of days that's prevented me from sleeping. Turns out it's my old friend, Round Ligament Pain, back for an encore. I saw possibly my favorite midwife yet, Betsy. I'm scheduled to see Betsy again in a couple of weeks for my normal 28 week appt and I really HOPE she's the one who delivers the Spider Monkey.

She was gentle. Understood my jokes and better yet, didn't make me feel like an idiot for scheduling an emergency appointment. She was also able to get the baby's heart beat in one try and didn't cover me in goo like other midwives. Her recommendation was a warm bath followed by a nice massage by daddy and two(!!!) Tylenol PM. Absolutely perfect in my opinion.

Today, I am leaning back in my chair observing my rounded tummy. The Spider Monkey has become a lot stronger in the last few weeks and I can VISIBLY see her movements. Of course, it looks like I've got the hiccups, but I can see the bump move nevertheless.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'm gonna go see my chiropractor and get a knot jerked in my tail and see if that helps the pain.


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