6 month appointment

Had a good appointment at House o'Babies on Monday. This midwife (again, I haven't seen the same one twice cause they want you to see as many as possible before D-Day) found the heartbeat almost immediately.

Then, she started berating me about losing weight. I need to gain weight she said. The baby needs food and since I've lost 20 pounds since my first appointment, it's clear that I'm not eating.

I explained to her that I'm eating well - plenty of fruits and veggies and lean meat and Moo's a diabetic so we eat healthier as a result of that. I also explained that I haven't been nauseous or had any vomiting periods. Additionally, I explained that my mom, who was a plus size gal herself, lost almost 50 pounds without trying when she was pregnant with me and I weighed a little over 7 pounds at birth.

Oh well.

My belly is beginning to pooch out a little bit and the baby is REALLY active. Folks ask me how the baby's doing and I always have the same answer: "wiggling".


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