My butt is broken

Pregnancy Countdown: 16 weeks
We'll we're securely here in the 2nd trimester and I went to my OB/GYN's practice yesterday for a check-up.

I took the time to discuss a couple of issues - 1) the Effexor that the male midwife prescribed isn't the XR variety and makes me sick - solution is to prescribe the Xr version. and 2) my butt is broken.

My butt and lower back have been hurting for a week or so now. As the day goes on, my chair seems to get progressively harder despite cushions and pillows. I have a little timer on my desktop that rings at 5 minutes before the hour signaling a small break where I get up and stretch my legs. Nevertheless, my butt is still hurting. When it's really hurting, I can usually talk Moo into rubbing my butt.

The nurse practitioner doing my checkup said that it would probably get worse as my pregnancy progressed (thanks!) and the ligaments and joints started spreading more. She suggested light stretching exercises and wrote me a letter for my employer to get me another chair.

I got to hear the heartbeat - which is always exciting - and otherwise had a great exam.

I get to do an early gestational diabetes screen at my next appointment.. oh boy, my first experience with glucola!!


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