I've been looking through the last few posts and it would seem that I'm more content to complain about being pregnant than about being grateful.

This is not the case. It's just that.. that.. I don't feel very pregnant. Being a woman with extra padding, I can't see the changes in the mirror (although Moo says he can). I still haven't felt the baby and I can't see the baby so it's almost like I'm going through all this crap for no reason.

All I can see right now are the symptoms and complaints most common to pregnancy. I'm constipated. I feel bloated. I'm still nauseaus from time to time. I've got this cold from hell and I can't take a damn thing in the world that will help.

But my heart knows. My heart knows that I'll feel my little one soon. My heart knows that in just 23 weeks - give or take a week or two - that we'll be gifted with a precious little baby. And I am grateful. Me, who thought that I would never be a mother - I am grateful beyond anything to experience this. I am grateful for the bloating. I am thankful for the constipation. I am grateful for the nausea. I am grateful to be pregnant.


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