Being sick while pregnant sucks

I've had a fun few days. I got an upper respirtory infection that's progressed to bronchitis. My internist, Dr Sexy, prescribed antibiotics and cough medicine. While I'm feeling a lot better, I can't sleep for anything. I lay down and I cough. I try to sit up to sleep, I cough. I've coughed so hard that I've vomited. This sucks.

I would love to mix up my tried and true cough syrup recipe, but can't because of the booze (one part whiskey to two parts honey with lemon juice to taste; take it one tablespoon at a time until the coughing stops). While the honey would still soothe my throat, the whiskey is what calms the cough.

Meanwhile, I've purchased my first maternity clothing - a beautiful empire waisted top that looks so cute! I've also purchased the first item for the baby. A cute receiving blanket with a little dragon on it.


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