Halloween Yuckiness

Doctor Phoebe will see you now...

So the last 2 weeks have been crazy busy and now, I think, we're paying for it.

Since I wrote the last post, we have:

  • Joined a new church
  • Attended a dinner for new members
  • Attended a class about prayer
  • Attended 2 small group meetings
  • Had 2 play dates
  • Attended 1 club board meeting
  • Written, edited, and assembled 1 club newsletter
  • Had at least 5 days of at least 1 sickie in the family

Yeah- busy. For us, crazy busy. Notice I didn't say a lot of school got done. Almost none has happened this week as whatever cold/funk/plague has affected the boy has now affected me and I have no voice.

Our curriculum relies on me and my ability to read to Phoebe heavily. No voice equals mama letting Phoebe make play dough letter shapes and do a few worksheets and whatever YouTube videos I can find that are relevant.

The boy has had a cold off and on since the beginning of October. It would clear up just shy of the date I would set to take him to the doctor. Also, he's got a 2 year molar coming thru so he's drooling a bit and starts coughing because of that.

With Phoebe, the first molar took about 2 months to finally cut thru but then the others came in quickly. I hope he's the same way.

Sunday, he had a pretty good cough that really bothered him at night and he's been waking himself up coughing for the last couple of nights. Monday, I got up feeling like crap and by Halloween morning, I was praying for death.

Little girl has a slight cough and a bit of a runny nose but is otherwise ok - although she got up this morning looking a little glassy-eyed. John has this crap too but has been pushing his way thru it until he got up feeling really bad Halloween morning.

So we did not go trick or treating. Did not go to any parties. Have barely left the house except for groceries and work and we both got out to early vote.

I need this crap gone though. I need everyone to feel better. I have something I want to do this weekend and it doesn't involve laying on the couch, drinking ice tea, and having the boy run his cars over me while the girl watches Team Umizoomi.


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