Introducing… Nugget

Pregnancy Countdown: read on for more info…

Had our first appointment with the perinatologist this morning.  This visit was to do a look-see and perform the Nuchal Translucency test.

Here’s the first pic:


The baby’s head is on the right side looking up and it’s little hand is on it’s face.  For those of you like me that have a hard time seeing these things, I’ve added an enhanced version that I think will help you see better…

12-week-scan---enhanced-ediSee? Aren’t these ultrasounds incredible?  LOL

This kid has a heartbeat of 167 and is measuring a full week ahead.  And because of this, they are changing my due date from March 10 to March 3. So I’m officially, 12 weeks 5 days pregnant right now…

The measurement on the nuchal fold was excellent and I gave them the little dots of blood they needed to run the Ultrascreen…

While we were watching, Nugget turned over and turned it’s back on us like “Leave me alone” and put it’s fingers in it’s mouth.

An improvement this time is the placement of the placenta.  Phoebe had an anterior placenta which made finding the heartbeat with a doppler difficult and made scans difficult too.  This time we’ve got a posterior placenta so it should be easier to “hear” things on the scans and I will probably feel the baby a little earlier.

While I’m still mostly exhausted, I’m also feeling so much better.  The nausea of a few weeks ago is largely gone – THANK GOODNESS!


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