The Sea Monkey is REAL!

So Moo and I went today to see the folks at Maternal Fetal Medicine of Atlanta and my OB/GYN's office today.

It's still too early for the nuchal translucency test. They tried to get a good pic of the little monster's neck, but the baby is just too little. So I'll go back in two weeks for another try.

Moo and I can just make out the head and an arm. For those of you interested in this kind of thing: the placenta is up above and the yolk sac is over to the right.

The docs could make out both arms and legs and said they could see a profile with a little nose.

They confirmed our due date. Based on different measurements, we're either 11 weeks 0 days, 11 weeks 1 day, 11 weeks 2 days, or 11 weeks 3 days. Because it's so close they'll stick the with original due date of July 27, 2008.

I really liked the doctor at Maternal Fetal Medicine. He's kind of an old cooter, but he was joking around with us. First thing he said was "You're kind of an old broad aren't you?" I laughed and told him I was!


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