As discussed in a previous post, I'm following the Weigh Down Diet.

WD tries to get you to get to the heart of the matter (quite literally) by helping you to determine the difference between what the writer refers to as head hunger versus stomach hunger. Amazingly, I thought I knew the difference.

The first task in the book is to wait for hunger. Wait for REAL hunger... not "my mouth wants something to chew" or "I'm bored and I'm hungry" or "It's lunchtime - let's eat". I went through fasting last week until I felt true hunger.

MAN! There's a real difference. When I'm REALLY TRULY hungry, I feel almost nauseous. My stomach tightens.

So here I am. I've been waiting for hunger. And I AM STARVING. Suddenly, I feel the little twinge that indicates YES! I am HUNGRY! I have a couple of saltines with peanut butter on them... much better. I REALLY want to get control of this... I REALLY am tired of feeling like crap all the time. LORD please help me get control.


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