March 2016 Goals

Writing Goals

  • 11 posts for the homeschool blog
  • 5 posts for the travel blog


  • Math: Finish current unit and test 
  • Reading: Finish 10 lessons with extra practice in between
  • Social Studies: Studying South America this month. I also signed the kids up for Little Passports ( and I expect the package for that to come in sometime mid-month.
  • Literature: We're spending the bulk of this month attempting the reading of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods.  We tried reading it last year but there was so much they didn't understand that I spent more time during reading time explaining why they didn't have electricity or running water or why they had to make their own butter (why not just go to the store mama?).  I'm thinking that they might have a better understanding now.


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