Brain Dump: The Revenge

It's been a million years since I blogged, but seriously, I have so much going on but none of it really lends itself to a post...

  1. We just got back from DisneyWorld. Yes, this obviously lends itself to a post and I AM writing it, but it's not done and I don't know when it will be done.
  2. We had a great time by the way.
  3. Moo got a massive blister turned ulcer on his toe while at WDW. We're doing a lot of running back and forth to the doc. Moo has diabetes, as you recall, so this is no laughing, put a band-aid on it and get on with your life matter. They've talked about skin grafts.. YOW!!
  4. I have joined a direct sales company as a demonstrator. I'm going to have a new website forthcoming. My web designer has a sore toe (see above) but when it's ready, you guys will be the first to know about it.
  5. Little girl did really great on the trip and I will go ahead and post some photos so you can bask in her cuteness tomorrow.
  6. I have lost some weight. Most of it was at Disney World, but I've lost a little more since getting home. Mostly, I've just added more exercise in.
  7. But also I'm eating better. Little girl LOVES veggies and you can't feed your child crap and I don't want to cook 2 meals so I eat what she eats. This means more veggies and salads for momma and little girl eats carrots and sweet potatoes and green beans and lean meats.


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