7 months old

My darling girl turned 7 months old yesterday. She decided yesterday morning was time to sit up by herself and surprised the hell out of me by not only figuring it out, but by doing it repeatedly in her pack and play where she naps and on her blanket on the floor.

This is the kid that I was worried about because she wasn't sitting up without assistance. I could sit her up, prop her chubby little hands on the floor and she'd promptly fall over. Yesterday, she was halfway on her side and belly and just propped herself up and VOILA! Now she sits. Granted she tucks one foot behind her, but she's sitting.

I also tried her on a little solid finger food yesterday. I've been offering her Cheerios for a couple of weeks now but she wasn't too interested. Last night, I put five on her tray and watched carefully. Not only was she interested but she ate all of them.

Is this the way it works? One day, you've got a little baby and the next, she turns into a kid?


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