A definite direction

For too long, I have let this blog drift without any real plans.  I didn’t want to nail down a niche and I wanted it to be broad so that I could write what I wanted.  But what I’ve found is that without direction, I went everywhere and nowhere.
No more.
I’m narrowing my focus and you’re going to start seeing at least 2 or 3 posts a week here.  I don’t promise they will be long, but there will be SOMETHING to read or see.
Here are the things I am focusing on:
  • Homeschooling (choices, how-tos)
  • Being Mama (homemaking, parenting)
  • Creativity (fun and fancy)
You may also see the occasional rant but it will be rare – hopefully!
I’m going to be doing a Flylady challenge on my Tumblr blog and there may be some cross posting. That blog is largely for my own entertainment and posting eclectic silly things that make me laugh or think but I love comments and sharing.
I’m also doing a series here starting tomorrow about praying for your kids.
I hope you’ll hang out with me and see where it goes…


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