Preschool Resources – So Far

IMG_0686 When I first started considering homeschooling the kids, I went into what John calls “research mode” which I think is his nice way of acknowledging my obsessive nature.  I found about 17,000 resources – give or take - for high school curriculums and information about 3rd grade nature studies and 5th grade English composition.  But information on preschool was lacking. 

I’m putting together a page of preschool resources but thought I’d do a quick run down of what I’m using right now:

Main curriculum: Calvert


  • – Covers tons of subjects and Phoebe loves computer time. Runs about $8 a month.
  • Starfall – Teaches reading through fun songs and games and stories.  Mostly free.
  • Living Montessori Now – Talks a lot about using Montessori methods in the home where I think it should be… but that’s my opinion.  Has links to lots of activities.
  • Calvary Curriculum – Technically, this is a Sunday school curriculum but I’ve found the resources here are great for integrating Bible studies and stories into our daily studies.
  • Mama Jenn – has tons of printables and advice for new homeschoolers.  I love her calendar printables.
  • Progressive Phonics – Another reading site.  Some fun learning books to print out and start reading with.
  • Kids Learning Station – Lots of printables here including some great scissor printables.  We spend the first 3 years of their life trying to keep them away from sharp things and then we need to hand them a pair of sharp scissors and say “here ya go, kid!”

Do you have any websites that help you with preschool?


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