Our First Week of School


In my life and our homeschool this week…

we actually got started.  I’ve been planning this since we decided we were gonna do this last summer.  So it’s been a long time coming and a lot of worrying and thinking and planning and I think it’s gone pretty well.

Phoebe made a really good attempt at writing her name this week.  She started writing the letters with a bingo dauber and ran out of space. 

The week was cruisin’ along until my boy crashed into the entertainment center Wednesday afternoon and cut a gash in his face.  Three stitches later and he’s on the mend.  The worst part of that whole thing was trying to keep the numbing gel on his face for 30 minutes.  He did not like it and wanted it off.


I’m praying for…

the strength to continue our journey.  I am praying for some things we are working on to start making progress.  I’m praying just to be praying.  I’ve been away from Him for too long.


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