Sometimes it just works better…

Yesterday didn't go at all as I planned it.  gal_lg1

The only plan was to take the mom-mobile to the dealership to fix the check engine light.

Turns out that it was a major probably requiring a new transmission and computer.  So, I didn't plan for the repair to be $6000.

We decided to buy a new car, but I didn’t plan on to turning my house upside down looking for the car title for the van.  We never found it and I’ve got to go and order a new one.

We didn’t plan on buying a new car.  But we bought a Honda Element.  We didn’t get another Odyssey because Moo has never been comfortable driving my van and we both liked the look of the Element.

But I'm glad it all happened and feel confident we did the right thing. I am also happy and grateful we had the cash for a down payment. It's funny how these little miracles happen and how God makes things work out.


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