Yesterday in Brief

I feel like I'm always telling you how busy I am and I don't have a lot to back it up with.  For that matter, I'm always telling Moo that I haven't gotten anything done and then I look at the list of things I've done in a day and I wonder where my brains are.  So I thought I'd walk you through a day with me...

5:30AM - Get up, get dressed.
5:50AM - Get Phoebe up and dressed and bottle
6:15AM - Take Moo to train.  We've only got one car and if I need to run errands, like yesterday, I have to take him in.
7:20AM - Back at the house
7:30AM - Feed Phoebe breakfast
7:55AM - Use flashlight to evaluate pesky rash.  Phoebe had a rash for a couple of days and was paranoid after call to pediatrician revealed that rash could be strep.  However, rash is almost completely gone.  Still mildly paranoid but will maintain vigilance.
8:00AM - Phoebe's nap time
8:05AM - My breakfast
8:20AM - Complete Insurance paperwork for Moo's Mac that got zapped during the storm.  Also includes printing out the receipt and finding and printing out the replacement value Mac information.
9:00AM - Work on Blog post for biz blog.
9:15AM - curse at Blogger because photos won't upload
9:20AM - decide to take break on Facebook AKA Time Sucker
10:00AM - Back to blog post.  F&$%#!!  Photos still won't upload.
10:30AM - Phoebe wakes up.  Time for a diaper change and bottle.  Phoebe doesn't want bottle.  Sigh...She's nearly done with these things.
11:00AM - Time for errands.
11:20AM - Take paperwork to Insurance company.  Explain why I'm bringing it instead of mailing ("uh because I was told to?")
11:50AM - Grocery store for a few odds and ends.
12:20PM - Idiot light (low fuel light) comes on.  Fill up tank
12:25PM - Go ahead and get ice at gas station since I forgot at grocery store
12:30PM - Get back home
12:40PM - Chase down toddler and feed her lunch (turkey, green beans and POTATO SALAD!! - the kid will eat almost anything!  Thank you Toddler Food Goddess!)
1:00 PM  - Play time with Phoebe
2:00 PM - Phoebe's nap time
2:10 PM - Lunch for mama - leftover bbq pork, salad, remainder of potato salad.  Then a break.
3:00 PM - more cursing at Blogger.
3:35 PM - text Moo about Blogger weirdness.
3:40 PM - Moo texts that yes, there's a problem.  Decide to work on biz newsletter instead.
4:30 PM - get text from Moo that Blogger seems to be working.  Attempt work there again.  Still acting weird, but much improved.
4:50 PM - Realize that I need to leave in 10 minutes to pick up Moo.  Rush around finding shoes and keys.  Then make quick bottle and wake up Phoebe.
5:05 PM - Run out to car.  Put Phoebe in car seat, give bottle.  Head off to MARTA.
5:20 PM - DRAT!  Trip to MARTA only takes 15 minutes.  If I leave 5 later, it takes 45 minutes.
5:25 PM - Phoebe wants more bottle.  Thank goodness I have spare in bag.
5:55 PM - Moo gets in car.
6:30 PM - home.  Moo starts dinner while I figure out something weird that came in the mail
7:00 PM - Dinner
7:30 PM - Playtime and after dinner cleanup
8:00 PM - Phoebe's bedtime.
8:30 PM - Play Dungeon's and Dragons online (yes, I am a geek) with Moo. Get killed.  Twice.
9:30 PM - Time to get ready for late night business related conference call.  Popcorn popped, drinks made.
10:00 PM - Conference call about blogging, Search Engine Optimization and RSS
11:05 PM - end of conference call.  Discuss what I learned with Moo.
11:45 PM - Moo wants to show me something in game that he found while I was on conference call
12:05 AM - decide to pickup living room before bed.
12:30 AM - determine task list of things for biz web redesign
12:45 AM - BED

So that's it.  That's what my errand days look like.  Non-errand days are a lot like that too but without all the driving.

One observation: Why does my daughter almost always get sick right before a Mom's club meeting?  Yesterday, I was afraid she might still have something communicable and kept her home.  Today, the rash is completely gone.


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